Scene 11Mature

The scene returns to show the market, but Lucina is no longer there. Medomai and Amalthea walk in, still holding hands. They talk as they walk through the streets of Pallas.

AMALTHEA: That just...

MEDOMAI, finishing her sentence: Kills you to be there?

AMALTHEA, after a slight nod, she turns around in front of Medomai again, and they stop walking. They lock eyes: It brings back such vivid memories.

MEDOMAI: I agree. Quieter: I saw it again.

AMALTHEA: I did, too. Oh, Medomai, these memories follow me.

MEDOMAI: Mine, too. But I'm here; I'll protect you. He holds her like the night before, and Amalthea closes her eyes.

AMALTHEA: just want to leave it all. Leave this world behind.

MEDOMAI: But you can't leave it, it's your only reality.

AMALTHEA: I wish it was. My reality is my mind. She breaks away from the hug and looks at him with sad eyes: And I can't escape myself. Pause. Medomai, I can't go back to that river. Not for a while.

MEDOMAI: Nor can I. Pause. Death just seems to linger there.

AMALTHEA nods, tears now streaming freely down her cheeks. Medomai pulls her closer and hugs her as she cries harder.

The End

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