Scene 10Mature

The scene opens to a forested area with a deep, dark river running through. You can't see the bottom since it's so dark, but the sunlight still sparkles off of it, revealing dark beauty (symbolizing the subtle beauty of Medomai's innocence). Medomai and Amalthea stand together, Medomai staring off into the distance and observing the beauty around him. Amalthea is on the verge of tears already.

AMALTHEA: This is where...?

MEDOMAI, a bit distracted: Yes...I saw it.

AMALTHEA, trying to hold in her tears now: That's terrible! Oh, aren't you scared?

MEDOMAI: A bit. But what can hurt me?

AMALTHEA, looking down, hiding her the tears now streaming down her cheeks: I guess you're right.

MEDOMAI: Are you--He notices Amalthea crying and holds her chin, tilting it upwards. What's wrong?

AMALTHEA: I don't know, I just...when I'm here, I feel that I've lost someone to the river, as well. I feel as you do.

MEDOMAI, staring into the river: This connection we's strange. Pause. But real.

AMALTHEA doesn't respond, but she grabs onto Medomai's hand.

MEDOMAI, looking at their hands: We can get each other through this. I promise.

Amalthea looks down at Medomai's hand, then back up, revealing the face of Daedalus. (Flashback)

The setting has somewhat changed around them to a time when there was less vegetation around the river.

DAEDALUS: I know you're scared. And I know you're in pain. But I promise you, we can get each other through this.

AMALTHEA stares up at him in horror.

DAEDALUS: I'm so glad your father introduced us. I love you so much.


DAEDALUS: I know you said no at first, but I'm going to try again. He gets down on one knee and pulls out a diamond ring. Amalthea, I love you. Will you marry me?

AMALTHEA, her eyes welling with tears: Yes. I will.

DAEDALUS: Oh, thank you! He jumps up and holds her hand awkwardly since Amalthea isn't really cooperating.

AMALTHEA, holding back her tears: No. Thank you.

DAEDALUS, joyfully: We are to be married soon!

Amalthea closes her eyes, a few tears running down her cheeks. When she opens them again, she's back in reality.

AMALTHEA, quietly, after a few seconds of calming down and wiping her tears: I remember now.

MEDOMAI: I'm sorry?

AMALTHEA: This is where I accepted the marriage proposal of Daedalus. My life was taken away here.

MEDOMAI, still looking at the river: Both of our defining moments, right here. He looks back up at Amalthea.

AMALTHEA, smiling slightly: But you're right. Nothing can hurt us.

Medomai nods, then the setting seems to change around him as his mother appears before the river, matching Amalthea's flashback. Amalthea is long gone.

WOMAN: I can't stand it, Medomai. I'm just going to end it. After this, nothing more can hurt me.

SMALL BOY, stepping forward: Mother!

WOMAN: I'm sorry, son.

SMALL BOY: No, you can't! I'll miss you too much!

WOMAN: I miss your father more than you could ever perceive. I can't do anything more.

SMALL BOY: I'll find a new father for us! We can be a whole family again!

WOMAN: Impossible.

SMALL BOY, desperately: Mommy!

The scene turns completely black, then Medomai opens his eyes again. He's back in reality with Amalthea.

MEDOMAI, scared: The things that put us into our current positions.

AMALTHEA: We've got to overcome them together.

MEDOMAI: And some day we'll forget this river. They turn around together. I...think I'm ready to go. Are you?

AMALTHEA: Yes, very.

They exit the forest.

The End

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