Scene 9Mature

The scene opens to the marketplace (same as before). There are few traders this time, though, due to it being a bit early. Amalthea leans against one of the empty stalls, holding her shoulder. She (again) wears clothes that are a bit different, symbolizing her changing emotions.

Lucina walks up, holding a fan and wearing clothes very similar to the other ladies'.

AMALTHEA, surprised, turning to her (also quickly removing her hand from her shoulder): Lucina, what are you doing here?

LUCINA: I overheard your short conversation right before I left. Amalthea looks offended, so she continues. I knew where you would be, so I just wanted to come and make sure you're alright, or if you wanted to stay with me...

AMALTHEA, interrupting: No, I'm fine. Trust me, I'll get this all sorted out.

LUCINA, after a short pause: Hm. So are you waiting for that man?


LUCINA: Amalthea, do you really love him? I mean, he could be another Daedalus.

AMALTHEA, turning to Lucina and gushing, suddenly: Oh, Lucy, I know this is different!


AMALTHEA: I-I don't know. Pause. Whenever I think about him, I get this feeling in my stomach...I know that it's fate.

LUCINA, half-joking: Amalthea. You're like a small child, sometimes, I swear.

AMALTHEA, sighing: I know. But, Lucina...oh, I can't even say how much I love him! She turns to Lucina and takes her hands. My best friend should understand.

LUCINA: I do. Amalthea, I do, and I'm glad for you! She lowers her voice as though something would hear her. But...don't you think he's a bit awkward?

AMALTHEA: Isn't everyone? She smiles and utters a small laugh as she drops her friend's hands. Maybe I've made him fall in love with me, as well.

LUCINA, laughing: I bet.

AMALTHEA, jokingly: Lucina, I can be very enchanting when I want.

Lucina laughs harder.

AMALTHEA: Gosh! Here he is, hide! Lucina continues laughing at Amalthea and stumbles away, hiding behind a stall. Medomai approaches Amalthea with a smile, dressed in a black and white outfit with tousled dark hair (but still pretty short).

MEDOMAI: Am I on time?

AMALTHEA, tilting her head: Just.

MEDOMAI: So are you alright?

AMALTHEA: I've been through worse. After a few moments of silence (Lucina is giggling quietly in the background, and Amalthea shoots her a playfully angry look): So did you plan anything for today?

MEDOMAI: Well, since last night, I've been thinking. He turns to Amalthea with a smile, and Lucina regains control (stops giggling). You've faced your fears and told me all about your feelings; maybe it's time I face mine...but I need help.

AMALTHEA: Of course I'll help you. I owe you my life.

MEDOMAI: Your life?

AMALTHEA, quietly: I was thinking of committing suicide. But now I have a reason to live, I think.

MEDOMAI: Oh, Amalthea. Is death ever the answer?

AMALTHEA, sighing: I don't think so. Not anymore, at least.

MEDOMAI: Think of the sadness it would bring to Lucina. The sadness it would bring to me! I don't think I would be able to live if someone drove you to do that to yourself.

AMALTHEA: The thought of suicide is out of my mind forever. She looks up at Medomai with wide eyes. As long as you stay with me. Will you?

MEDOMAI: I won't even dare to think of leaving. Taking a deep breath: And now's a good time to test that; we're going to the river.

AMALTHEA: My poor love. She walks in front of him and looks him straight in the eye. Are you sure? Isn't it too early?

MEDOMAI: It's never too early. Come.

They walks away from the marketplace as Lucina starts to follow them, but stops and says to herself:

LUCINA: My very best friend, all grown up and in love. She pauses, then makes a face. Oh, but what did they discuss last night when I was fetching the doctor? The poor man is also secretive...perhaps they were meant to be together, after all, the tortured souls.

The End

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