Scene 8Mature

The scene changes to reveal a small bedroom, with a small bed and nightstand. On the other side of the room is a desk with a chair. There are a few candles lit on the nightstand, and Amalthea sits on a chair, crying on the desk (the two have returned from the party about forty-five minutes ago). Her head is covered by her arms, and the angle of the camera keeps her front from being seen.

AMALTHEA sobs, then finally lifts her head. One of her arms is revealed to be bleeding (obviously wounded), and one side of her face is noticeably red. What was I thinking? Why did I dance in front of him?

A knock is heard.

AMALTHEA jumps up and runs downstairs, quickly opening the door, whispering: Hurry, come upstairs! She rushes back upstairs (hiding her wounds), followed by Lucina and Medomai. When they arrive at the room, she finally turns around. At the sight of her injured best friend, Lucina drops the shawl and runs to her.

LUCINA, scared: My poor dear! What happened?

AMALTHEA, shushing Lucina and whispering: Not now. Not now. She trembles and holds onto Medomai's arm.

MEDOMAI, confused: You're scared. And hurt.

AMALTHEA nods and coughs: Oh, Lucina. Daedalus...

LUCINA: I know. Don't worry.

AMALTHEA, holding back tears: Forever bound with the monster...

LUCINA, hugging Amalthea: You can tell your father. You have physical proof now.

AMALTHEA: Oh, no! I can't let him down, Lucina!

LUCINA, stepping back and holding Amalthea's arm: Amalthea! You need a doctor!

AMALTHEA, sobbing: I'll be okay, my friend! Please, don't trouble yourself!

LUCINA: I'll get him, don't worry. She quickly runs out of the room ignoring Amalthea's "You mustn't!", and you can hear her footsteps on the stairs and the door shutting.

AMALTHEA turns to Medomai as you can hear Lucina leaving: I'm sorry you have to see this!

MEDOMAI: I've seen worse.

AMALTHEA sits on the bed, trembling: I'm...I'm just trapped.

MEDOMAI: I know. I have been in orphanages for years. He holds out his hand to Amalthea, and helps her up. I know the effects of being restrained.

AMALTHEA steps closer: Can I confess to you?

MEDOMAI: I told you of my past. Tell me of yours.

AMALTHEA smiles slightly through her tears, but the smile fades as she explains: My father is a drunkard. Lucina doesn't know, but that's why I can't tell him about Daedalus. And I can't tell her about my father either, she'd reject me. She'd be afraid of me. She takes a shaky breath. Look. She lifts up her sleeve and reveals an ugly scar down her arm. When I refused to marry Daedalus, a usual drunk in his inn, this happened. What if she saw this?

MEDOMAI: She may understand. He holds her arm. Then he draws her closer, and puts  one arm around her, then the other, hugging her in the exact way Lucina did. Amalthea stops sobbing and hides her face in his arm.

AMALTHEA breaking from his grasp suddenly: Daedalus...he told me he loved me, that I was his only. He woke me up. I was innocent, little Amalthea. The child. He showed me that I can change my life, forget the abuse....that not everything has to be analytical. Then he hurt me for the first time. She locks her eyes with Medomai's again. He smiled. He smiled, the sadist! And I'm with him forever now, that (bitterly) careless drunkard! I'm under his control.

MEDOMAI stares into space, as though he's processing the information. Then, he looks down. I won't hurt you. Don't be scared, please. I will do all I can to release you.

AMALTHEA: I-I know you won't hurt me. She goes closer to him. When I saw you that day, I knew you were different than the others. I still can't quite place it, but you're...not the same.

MEDOMAI: We have much in common, though. We are not different.

AMALTHEA: Yes. We're different from the others, though. That's why I stayed. That's why I stare. Why I danced.

MEDOMAI, after a pause: You know, you were one of the only ones who talked to me nicely. You woke me up. He smiles awkwardly at her.

AMALTHEA: And the others are asleep. We're the only ones awake. She pauses and takes a shaky breath. She seems to be stalling. I...she trails off, and her eyes fill with tears again. I've fallen in love. She looks up at him, tears falling down her cheeks. I love you. She pauses, looking down at her damaged, scarred self. Then she looks back up, at their hands intertwined, and finally up at Medomai's large, somewhat surprised eyes.

MEDOMAI stands there in silence, very confused. He stares into space, as though he's thinking through all this, analyzing it. He finally looks down at her. Then, after a few completely, extremely silent moments, he draws her closer, and their faces are only a few inches away from each other again. And I think I feel the same way. I-I really think so.

AMALTHEA, whispering: My love.

LUCY, from offstage: Up here, doctor.

The couple quickly breaks apart as Lucina and the Doctor enter.

DOCTOR: Oh, my. He grabs Amalthea's arm, and guides her to the bed. Motioning from Lucina to his briefcase: Can you please get me out the tourniquet?

LUCINA obeys, bringing it to him: Will she be alright?

DOCTOR: I have to see. Have patience. He wraps the tourniquet around Amalthea's upper arm, and she cringes. Doctor rolls up her sleeve and checks the damage. Glass, looks like it's from a beer bottle.

AMALTHEA nods: I'm afraid so.

LUCINA gasps, a tear or two falling down her cheeks. My poor friend, for how long has this been happening?

AMALTHEA, shaking her head: Not now...

MEDOMAI: Lucina, I think it may be too early. He gives Amalthea a sympathetic look, and she smiles up at him.

DOCTOR: Keep your neck straight. He dresses the wound, in silence (carefully taking the glass out, Amalthea wincing), as Lucy quietly sobs into her hand, only her eyes uncovered. Eventually, the doctor stands up. She'll be fine.

LUCINA: Thank goodness! She sits next to Amalthea. Don't worry, I'll protect you.

AMALTHEA: Thank you. She takes Lucina's hands as the two stand up. But I'll be fine tonight. I'm very tired; please go home and get some rest.

LUCINA: I'll see you tomorrow, though. She gives Amalthea a sympathetic look as she exits the room.

MEDOMAI: Shall I go, too?

AMALTHEA: Yes. We must not stir Daedalus. He fell asleep when I went upstairs. Medomai starts to exit, but she grabs his arm. Find me tomorrow at seven o'clock, by the market. Where we met.

MEDOMAI, in the tone Amalthea usually uses: I promise.

AMALTHEA, smiling: The few hours I wait will seem to be an eternity.

MEDOMAI: As will they for love. He helps Amalthea into bed, and pats her wounded arm. Heal. For me. He exits, leaving Amalthea alone in the room.

AMALTHEA, quitely: I will. I promise you.

She lays down and tries to sleep as the scene changes.

The End

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