Scene 7Mature

Two days have passed with little happening, only Medomai sitting alone and Amalthea working.

The scene opens to a nineteenth-century party-room with many guests. The men are in suits, and the women are in fancy dresses. There is mindless chatter and tea-drinking, and music playing in the background. A few couples are dancing, as well.

Daedalus and Amalthea enter the scene, and Amalthea is wearing a dress a bit different from everyone else (symbolizing how she hasn't conformed), but Daedalus is plainly dressed.

DAEDALUS, just to Amalthea: I'll be over there, talking to my friends. You can sit with your spoiled, rich women and make...mindless chatter.

Although she looks hurt, Amalthea walks over to the women. Daedalus walks out of the range of the camera, waving and greeting a friend.

AMALTHEA: Hello, all.

LUCINA, genuinely excited: Ah, Amalthea. Why haven't I seen you in so long?

(Possible voiceover by Amalthea: Lucina is a woman just over twenty, happily engaged. She is spoiled, as Daedalus has remarked, but has been friends with me for years and has never been mean to me, or even minded my company. She is a normal citizen and doesn't know about either agency.)

AMALTHEA, quickly turning around to greet her: Lucina! How are you?

LUCINA, even more excited now: I have something to tell you. It's very important, and I need my best friend to know.

AMALTHEA,  flattered: What is it?

LUCINA, holding out her hands, and Amalthea taking them: Look! Amalthea notices a ring on her finger, an engagement ring.

AMALTHEA: Did Aristaeus propose? Lucina nods. When?

LUCINA: Last week. She finally looks down at Amalthea's hands, and notices a ring as well. Althea! Surprised: Daedalus?

AMALTHEA nods. Yes.

LUCINA, confused: You're not happy?

AMALTHEA: Sadly, no. He's not very nice to me, but my father said I must get married. We can't have an old maid in the family.

LUCINA: Oh, poor Amalthea. Make the best of it.

AMALTHEA: I'm trying. Trust me, I am.

Medomai awkwardly strolls in. Amalthea turns suddenly as though sensing his arrival, and stares a bit.

LUCINA: Amalthea?

AMALTHEA, very distracted: Hm?

LUCINA, noticing Medomai: That man! She stops focusing on pitying Amalthea and looks at him. Who is he?

AMALTHEA: Oh, I just met him a few days ago. She takes one last look and turns back to Lucina.

LUCINA, now interested: He's so handsomely mysterious! Look at him!

AMALTHEA, playfully scornful: Lucina, you're engaged!

LUCINA, also joking: You are, too. Pause. Oh, but look!

AMALTHEA, turning her nose up, imitating Lucina: I met him first.

LUCINA, turning to Amalthea with a smile: You like him, don't you, Amalthea? Amalthea gives no answer. Oh, you do! Go! Ask him for a dance, now!

AMALTHEA, embarrassed: I will, then. She walks over to Medomai, who suddenly notices her.

MEDOMAI: Hello again. He gives a small bow again.


MEDOMAI: How are you, this fine evening?

AMALTHEA, looking back at Lucina with a playful look: Good. Are you enjoying the party?

MEDOMAI, looking around: Yes, very. It's nice. He pauses, looking at the couples, and looks back at Amalthea. May we dance?


Medomai takes another look around before assuming the position the others were using, and the admirer and the admired lock eyes as they dance. Neither can look away as they sway around the floor, and Daedalus looks at Amalthea disapprovingly. Lucina is on the side of the dance floor, giggling with her friends and giving Amalthea looks that she doesn't recieve. The song finally ends, and Amalthea, quite dazed, stumbles back to Lucina.


LUCINA, whispering: Don't look now, but he's followed you back! Like a lost puppy!

AMALTHEA's face reddens as she turns around quickly. Hello again.

MEDOMAI: I'm sorry for following you, I just don't want to be in this crowd all alone.

AMALTHEA: It's fine. She is about to say more, but Lucina is interrupting her, nudging her, whispering, "introduce me!" Amalthea nods, and looks back up at Medomai. This is my best friend Lucina. We've known each other since we were children.

MEDOMAI: Hello. He shakes Lucina's hand, and Lucina gives him a smile.

LUCINA: So you're a good dancer?

AMALTHEA: Lucina! She turns back to Medomai. Sorry, she's just excited.

LUCINA playfully scoffs. "Excited?"

AMALTHEA: Well, I--before she can say more, Lucina goes past her, closer to Medomai, and says:

LUCINA: Would you like to dance?

MEDOMAI: Of course.

He takes her out to the floor, more naturally this time (he's an apparent fast learner). They also dance very well, but make no eye contact. It is a very awkward dance, and Amalthea laughs at Lucina as she makes faces at her, silently commenting on his awkwardness. They both walk back, and Amalthea utters one last laugh before they approach.

LUCINA, whispering to Amalthea: I think he likes you better.

AMALTHEA laughs and playfully hits Lucina (not meaning to hurt her, of course): He does not!

LUCINA, laughing: Oh, he does! And you like him!

MEDOMAI leans forward. I'm sorry? I can't hear--

Medomai would have finished his thought, but Daedalus runs forward and grabs Amalthea by the arm.

DAEDALUS, coldly: That's enough, Amalthea. You're getting too wild.

AMALTHEA, protesting: I only had one dance!

DAEDALUS, angrily: You're going home. Come.

AMALTHEA: Just let me say goodbye to Lucina. She quickly returns to her friend. He wants me to leave, but I want to stay with you guys. What should I do?

LUCINA thinks for a minute, then responds: Leave your shawl. I'll tell him where you two live and he can come return it. Then you can invite him for tea. Just tell me your address.

AMALTHEA, gratefully: Oh, Lucina, thank you! You genius! She tells her where she lives, places her shawl on a nearby chair, and is off.

DAEDALUS: You are to never dance with anyone, except me, ever again! Promise me!

AMALTHEA, quietly: I promise.

They quickly leave the room, going outside to their carriage, as Medomai sadly looks after Amalthea.

The End

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