Scene 6Mature

The scene changes to reveal the somewhat busy town of Pallas, in it's center. There are a few shops and good stalls, with couples standing nearby and traders advertising their products.

Medomai enters the scene. He walks as though he is made of wood; very straight-up. Other than that, he seems unaffected by the meeting of Amalthea.

MEDOMAI looks around, and says to himself: A busy day, it seems. This is such a curious small town; most people are unwilling to talk to me. But that woman, there's just something about her... He trails off as a shopkeeper comes up to him.

SHOPKEEPER: Hello, sir!

MEDOMAI, whispering to himself: Except these men. He speaks louder, now to the shopkeeper. Hello.

SHOPKEEPER: Would you like to try one of my fresh fruits? Just off the farm, they're delicious. He reaches back into his stall and picks up a pear, handing it to Medomai. What do you think? 

Medomai looks around, observing the other couples sniffing the fruit and testing it for it's worth. He seems confused, but does the same.

MEDOMAI: I guess I'll buy it. He checks the sign on the stand, and without question gives the shopkeeper money.

SHOPKEEPER: Thank you, sir. He bows, and continues advertising on the streets as he slips the money into his pocket.

MEDOMAI sniffs the fruit again, and shrugs, putting it into his mouth: Interesting. What a strange taste this has! He looks around at the other couples, and looks around him, as though the thought of him being alone has just struck him. Also strange, almost every man in this marketplace has a woman on his arm. But I am alone. Perhaps it is a tradition here to find a woman while you are  young. He takes a last look around as he continues to eat the fruit.

Daedalus walks quickly into the scene, bumping into Medomai and causing him to drop his pear.

DAEDALUS, bitterly after seeing Medomai make a confused and hurt face: Hey, if you don't want to lose it, hold onto it tighter.

MEDOMAI: I'm sorry.

DAEDALUS: Sorry, sorry, sorry. As everyone says. But do they do anything to change their attitude? No. He starts to walk off, but quickly turns around in confusion. Hey, I don't think I've seen you around here before. Are you new to these parts?


DAEDALUS, still cold: Well, welcome to the area, I guess. The small town of Pallas is more complicated than it seems, I must inform you. With a nod, he leaves the scene.

MEDOMAI, calling after him: Goodbye! He speaks to himself again. Another person who wants to talk, but this one more...bitter. He kicks the pear, looking almost bored.

Amalthea also enters the scene, running past (not noticing Medomai).

MEDOMAI: Hello, again. He puts his hand out to stop her, almost rudely. You can tell by his facial expression he doesn't mean it, though. 

AMALTHEA, her concerned expression fading and her habit of staring takes over again: Oh, hello. What are you doing at the marketplace, just after you were here?

MEDOMAI: I guess I just wanted to get out of the house. It's a bit dark, I have recently realized.

AMALTHEA, nodding: I see. Well, you can always open the curtains.

MEDOMAI: I know, but it's too large for just one man.

AMALTHEA, raising her eyebrows with a small gasp: Really?

MEDOMAI, looking around: Yes, most people are in couples. He shrugs again. Ah, well, I guess I'll get on.

AMALTHEA, disappointed again: True. She jumps again as she checks the time. I must get going! She starts to run, but turns. I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly again! If we meet again, I promise I will not. She turns and starts to walk off, but quickly.

MEDOMAI: It is really no issue to me. May fate bring us together again! He waves.

AMALTHEA stops quickly, and stands up completely straight. Yes. Fate. She quickly leaves the scene as Medomai watches her go.

The End

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