Scene 5Mature

The scene opens to a small room with minimal decoration. The curtains are completely shut, and the room is only lit by two candles, leaving it dim. It's dim enough that it's hard enough to identify the characters by their faces, but possible.

Amalthea enters the room, out of breath.

AMALTHEA: I'm home! Pause. Daedalus? Are you here?

DAEDALUS, coming in from another room (with a small glass of beer in hand) and immediately shouting: Where were you? You promised to be home ten minutes ago!

(Possible voiceover for Amalthea: Daedalus is a man of twenty-three, and one of the leaders of the opposite agencies. He is a cold-hearted man, with no care for anything but himself.)

AMALTHEA, almost pleadingly: I'm sorry, I had to help a newcomer to the town find the market.

DAEDALUS: There's no way it could take that long! He comes closer, and Amalthea cringes again. Daedalus slaps her across the face.

AMALTHEA, solemnly: I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

DAEDALUS: Don't play innocent with me. You were out doing something else. What was it?

AMALTHEA, putting a hand to her cheek: A stranger knocked me down in the road, and I had to pick up the papers and put them back in order. She pauses and looks up at him, but quickly looks away as though avoiding eye contact. I'm very sorry.

DAEDALUS, glaring at her and taking the papers: It shall not happen again.

AMALTHEA: Oh, no, it won't.

Daedalus returns to the other room, noticing his empty beer glass, leaving Amalthea alone. She sits down on one of her chairs and also sighs, vaguely resembling the position of Medomai.

The End

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