Scene 4Mature

The scene opens to a large parlor, with generally dark furniture. The windows are completely open, though, with sunlight streaming through and lighting up the room a bit.

Enter Medomai and Amalthea. Amalthea puts her papers down on a nearby table as Medomai continues into the room.

MEDOMAI, holding out his arms as though presenting the parlor: And this is my humble abode. It may not be much, but...he turns. It's mine.

AMALTHEA, looking around: It's very beautiful, and quite large. She looks at Medomai and smiles. The curtains will go nicely.

MEDOMAI: As I expected.

AMALTHEA nods, but doesn't respond.

MEDOMAI walks closer to Althea. She tenses up, although anticipating something, but instead he just takes the curtains and walks to one of the windows. So how should I put these up?

AMALTHEA, motioning with her hands: Put this side on the left of the--here, let me help you.

She walks closer and stands close to him as they both set up the left side of the curtains. Doing the same, they put up the right. After they're finished, they both stand back to admire their work.  Amalthea turns to look at Medomai almost admiringly, and notices that they're only a few inches apart. She jumps and steps back.

MEDOMAI: They look very nice. Good work. He picks up the other set of curtains off of the ground and walks to the other window, putting them up himself.

AMALTHEA walks over to the small table and picks up a small piece of paper: What's this?

MEDOMAI: An invitation. I've been invited to a party on Wednesday, two days.

AMALTHEA: How curious, I've been invited to the same thing. She looks at him in an almost child-like manner. Maybe I'll see you there?

MEDOMAI: It's likely. This isn't a very big town, and not everyone will be invited.

AMALTHEA nods, and jumps as she looks at her watch: Oh my, I must get going! I'll see you Wednesday!

MEDOMAI bows again, and turns away as Amalthea quickly picks up her papers and exits the room. Medomai sits down on one of his chairs and holds up his head with his hand, sighing.

The End

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