Scene 3Mature

The scene opens to Amalthea and Medomai walking up to the stalls of the marketplace, and Amalthea leads Medomai into the near-center of the stalls.

AMALTHEA, still staring: So...what is it you're looking for?

MEDOMAI: I need decorations for my new home, but I thought that a woman would have better taste than I.

AMALTHEA, playfully scoffing: Well, maybe so!

MEDOMAI: I need curtains for my parlor. Can you help me?

AMALTHEA, a bit confused as to why Medomai didn't receive her subtle  joke: Of course. She walks over to one of the stands and points to some curtains. Now, you should go with this color of curtain, it goes with most anything.

MEDOMAI, admiring the curtains: Yes, it is a nice color. Pause. So what are all those papers for?

AMALTHEA: They're for my job, just a lot of...research and planning and schedules.

MEDOMAI: Ah, and what is this job?

AMALTHEA: I invent things. You could say I'm a scientist.

MEDOMAI: Science! Such an interesting subject. These geniuses, thinking up ways to do new things everyday. Another Pause. My father was a scientist, as well.

AMALTHEA: How nice! Did he pass the profession onto you?

MEDOMAI, noticing Althea awkwardly staring and trying not to make eye contact: He...always told me he would and started to teach me how to deal with technology. But he was strangely taken away by men in some type of uniform. When he left, he only said one thing: "Don't come looking for me. Be your own man."

AMALTHEA: Oh, I'm sorry.

MEDOMAI: It's quite alright, I barely remember him, other than that specific time.

AMALTHEA, taking a deep breath and trying to comfort Medomai: I'm sure he was a good man.

MEDOMAI: Thank you. He pauses as he finally looks up at Amalthea. I'm sorry, I don't mean to drag out such terrible subjects.

AMALTHEA, It's fine. It was all my fault. She pauses as she thinks up another subject. So did you live with your mother afterwards?

MEDOMAI: She committed suicide after my father was taken away. She drowned herself in the river nearby. Of course, I don't remember much of her either. I just remember she had these blue eyes that were so fact, you remind me a bit of her.

AMALTHEA, gasping: Oh, my, you don't have to say that! Thank you!

MEDOMAI: It's true, though. Such beauty rests in yours, like the river. He blinks and quickly changes the subject, pointing at the first curtains Amalthea pointed out. I choose these.

AMALTHEA: Wouldn't you like to look at anything else?

MEDOMAI: No, I trust your judgement.

AMALTHEA, blushing: Thank you.

MEDOMAI, taking off his hat and bowing before turning to leave: No, thank you. I had a nice time. Perhaps I'll see you agian.

AMALTHEA, putting her arm out to stop Medomai: Don't go! Withdraws her arm. I mean, wouldn't you like me to come and set them up? I know how to make them look good, and...she trails off.

MEDOMAI: Of course, why didn't I think of that? He turns again. Come, come.

They quickly speak to the trader and buy the curtains, and again exit the scene.

The End

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