Aerish Magic

Foreward: This volume does not contain the Drager Afideria, a wonderful magic known only to dragons, and far beyond the comprehension of other species. Here beginneth;

Aerish Magic - Volume I

Hakura (ha-coo-rah) Causes plants to bend.

Laetha (la-ee-tha) Summons fire.

Paie Laetha (pie-ee la-ee-tha) 'Fire palm'.

Detrov (deh-trov) 'Burn'.

Luminous Lumino (lu-mi-ous lu-min-oh) Creates a tornado.

Mishva (mish-vah) A restoration spell.

Luminous Lifte (lu-min-ous lif-te) Causes gale force winds.

Equaelis (ay-quar-lis) Projects whatever you are holding.

Bedieth (bed-ee-eth) Makes a bed out of nearby plant material.

Lifte Caresous (lift-ae car-ray-sous) Carefully places an object on a portable air cushion.

Maelare (may-lar-ay) Causes vines to erupt from the ground.

The End

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