The Aerish Dictionary

Where the spells and special phrases of the people of Aeridia shall be recorded. Pronunciation included.

To my fellow collaborators; Please let me know via comment of the entries you wish to be made, and I shall add them.

Here beginneth the dictionary, volume the first.


Aeridia (air-rid-ia) The setting of our story.

Aeridian (air-rid-eyan) A native of Aeridia.

Aerish (air-ish) The language of the dwellers of Aeridia.

Aven (arh-venn) One of the Rogue members. An elf. Earth element. Elowyn's sister.


Baenthe (bayn-the) A deeper form of engagement or betrothal in elven tradition - only occurs once for a lifetime - Elves only do this once and lasts beyond death.

Bierdo (be-air-doe) Heat


Carathike (ca-ra-thyke) Calm

Cotara (coe-tar-ra) Friend. [Plu] Cotarii (coe-tar-ee)


Darl (darl) One of the Rogue members. Elf. Metal element.

Draeth (draeye-agh) Expletive. Equivalent of sh*t.


Elowyn (elle-oh-win) One of the Rogue members. An elf. Fire element. Aven's sister.

Elvina (el-veena) A female elf. Literally, wise woman.

Equaelis (ay-quar-lis) Projects whatever you are holding.


Faeth (fay-th) One of the Rogue members. A human. Air element. Used to be a maid. King's niece. Parents dead.

Freshe (fr-esh) Faeth's trusty sword.

Felinth (fee-linth) Greetings!

Fraesa (fry-sar) Hurry!


Hikari (hi-car-ree) Goodnight.


Jynla (yine-la) Loved one.

Jyn (yin) Love. Also Elven clan.

Jylia  (jyi-lee-ya) Virginity.


Kyrev (kai-rev) Sorry.

Kiethar (key-thar) Sister.

Kinban (kin-ban) Brother.

Kiri (key-ree) Child.


Laetisha (lie-tish-ar) Thank you.


[Princess] Meredyth (mere-dith) The king's daughter. Disagrees with his actions. Psychic element.

Maliay (mar-lee-ay) Patient/ invalid.

Magae (mar-gi) Magic. Also Elven clan.

Moritca (moor-tea-car) Danger.


Orlis  (oar-lis) the spirit every living thing contains.


Ri jynvu (Ree-yin-voo) I love you. Literally 'I love' with an ending for 'you' 


Taranqi (tar-an-qui) War. Also Elven clan. 


Witheian (wi-thee-an) Wisdom. Also Elven clan.

The End

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