The Ties That Bind

An inevitable consequence of life is that people drift apart. Relationships become strained and bonds are broken as easily as they were once forged. Brotherhoods – once as solid as thousand year old rock formations – become weathered and are gradually reduced to dust in the wind by trial and tribulation.

We are bound by ties of friendship and family. Tragically, these ties are often more fragile than we would like to believe. Conversely, the collective value of relationships -- both past, and present – is measured not by the current state of the relationship but rather, by the tangible and intangible benefits that each party receives as a result of their participation. Personal growth – through life experience – is the benchmark of a successful relationship.

It is a wildly held belief that people gain a greater quantity of knowledge from mistakes as opposed to successes. We are flawed therefore, we often are not able to be as forgiving as we would like. Correspondingly, because we are imperfect many of our relationships are bound to fail. Forgiveness of the errors of our past then, is precious, because it outlines the capacity to advance beyond convention and embrace the very idealistic idea of the avant-garde. Indeed, to quote Alexander Pope, “to err is human, to forgive is divine.” Embracing the ties that have been severed then becomes paramount in our perpetual quest for self-actualization.

The End

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