The world, " The way of Life"Mature

All I do is think and think so I wanted to write it to the world to see what you think yourself. I don't exactly know how to write it because its all just circling in my head multiple times... so excuse me if I get off subject.....

I look around.... at this hell we all call earth, and see a lot of sinful things that is both unnecessary and undescriptive. I'm not saying that i'm a perfect man but this is just nonsense for no apparent reason. 

I look around and notice these prostitutes that fuck for money and men that hit and run. But thats not what i'm really talking about.... 

People in this world judges others for what they look like, how they act, what they do, and so forth and so on. 

Now, for the smokers in the world...... even the non smokers..... 

Why do you smoke? From stress? Because it keeps you calm? Why are you stressed? Why do you want to be calm? Is it because of these fools in the world that make you angry? Or problems that you have to face from your bills or other things? Because it's not the world at all... Its just the people in it...  The world is treated unfairly and the chaos is starting to be uncontrolable.  I can't do anything about it because i'm only 15 years old... But even if I was grown I couldnt be able to do anything. 

This world is so messed up. 

Who invented Porn? Who came up with the Idea? 

Why was Porn even made? For entertainment? 

This world is so messed up[ in fact that if a random man was to walk up to a girl stranger and ask her to suck his dick she would do it if she found him physically attractive enough. 

The same goes for us men. 

When we mostly see a sexy girl walk down the street we would want to go and talk to her. If you found her nice and sweet you would try to see if you could have sex with her because these thoughts just randomly pops up in your head out of nowhere by the works of Satan. We see a girl with a big booty we would want to smack it or squeeze or maybe even fuck it. Thats how God made us and it says that in the bible.... 

I'm not saying that all men do this but most of us do. I know I do, I mean c'mon. get a breast job from a sexy girl across the street from my house because im horny and aroused and tried to score with her and succeeded. Then got her pregnant and left her because I didnt want to have a child. 

Im not saying that happened. And if I did get get a girl pregnant on accident I would stay and help take care of the child... 


you know. 

I don't even know what i'm talking about anymore. 


The End

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