The Switch: Proposal

Ignore this, it's just part of my short film project, I didn't mean to post it.

Title: The Switch
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Concept: For as long as anyone can remember, the Switch has always been part of life. As the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, after you've turned 21, you are subject to the Switch - you swap bodies with another person on the Earth. Everyone has always assumed that the person they switch with is supposed to be their soul mate.
U.S.P.- Not only is it a concept that's not really been done before, if people decide that they like it, it could become a series of short films, following various people, and the difficulties they have with the Switch.
Target Audience - The general target audience is the female populous between 13-25.
Message/Theme: The theme is that love transcends all boundaries.
Character Brief! - Show off the two main characters, talk about their jobs, their backgrounds, why they work, why they need each other. Damien-Lee, the organized closet romantic, and Natalia, the scruffy creative who is scared of liking someone at a young age.

The Switch
Start with a voice over, explaining the Switch, saying how everyone is always nervous in those first few seconds. Shots of the clock, sweeping shot of the room, a desk covered in paper and a laptop, with a Wiki page of the Switch.
Shot of Damien on his side, before switching to him rolling onto his back.
He mouths the seconds as they pass, going with the voice over. Multiple shots of people laid down, people ignoring the switch, sleeping, etc. ticking and heartbeat
On 1, there is silence, and only Damien is shown with his eyes closed. his eyes flick open, different eye color, slight gasp. Black.


Alarm clock goes off. panning shot to the desk, where Damien is finishing off a neatly written letter. He picks it up, tuts to himself, and scrunches it up. he throws it over his shoulder, narrowly missing Cas as she comes knocking on the open door.
Exchange pleasantries, say happy birthday, etc, talk about the day ahead, how ready, etc. goes through to living room, what if she doesn't like me, worrying etc, cue roommate talking about his switch. Cas tells him to ignore him, lets get going.

Change scene, music, shots in florist, printing out pictures, writing the letter, song fades as he finishes the letter, sealing it. In old asylum? field? etc. Relaxing with Cas, im srs now. joking around n stuff.

Fades into pacing, clock watching, voice over. so here i am...blah blah.

alarm clock. shot from above, Damien on the floor, surrounded by paper from the knocked over bin. he wakes, freaks out for a bit, searching his skin, searching for something from his switch. he runs out of the room yelling for Cas, while the camera pans down to a small box under the bed. freaking out asking about what happened, Cas freaking out because she woke up with writing on her arm. They freeze and wonder if they switched with each other, before reading the info, someones number and name. 

Damien goes back to his room to pick up the rubbish, snatches up the box when he sees it, pulls out leather band and small note. Note saying that she's not sure about the whole thing, doesn't want to meet a soulmate, but does want a friend. just then theres a knock at the door. Opens it wide, showing him grinning. slight pan shot over his shoulder of a girl smiling slightly. 



She reaches out a hand. He shakes it gentle, side shot of the hands coming together. Fade. Credits.

Damien Lee - Ross
Cas - Lauren
Mike - Datoo
Natalia Jones - 
Music - Danni? 
Camera - Me
Editing - Beg Bevis? Molly?

Music Ideas
Ed Sheeran - Little Bird, Homeless, I'm a Mess (acoustic)

24/2 - began writing script today, and recieved brief. Began looking for actors, music and others. Decided that I wanted to use an Ed Sheeran song, and that I wanted a friend to cover it for me. 
25/2 - began profiling characters and gathering actors. Ross Simpson for main character, Madina as Cas, Lauren as Natalia, Datoo as Mike.
29/2 - continued writing script and proposal. Spoke about 'elevator pitch'. considered commentary work.

2 -3 / 3 - writing preproduction report, more scripting, structuring scenes and shots.  

7/3 - scripting, looking up how to make a wikipedia page, scenes and shots. 

8/3 - pitch, floundered a little, nervous, they thought it was a good idea. consider revising end so that it ends at the switch, no sight of natalia. 

The Switch is strange. It drives us all a little crazy, I think. There are those who don't like talking about it; like our grandparents. For them, it's just another reminder of what happened in the war, and how many lives were lost to the experimentations of mad-men, calling themselves doctors. 

Some people talk about it too much. Conspiracists scream about how we are being drowned in lies, and force-fed chemicals, to make us go through the Switch. 

Then there are those like me - who have accepted the Switch as part of life. It happens, and there is nothing we can do about it. 

Little Bird, Uprising muse? 

The End

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