Futile Knowledge and Why A Levels SuckMature

World unknown,

Atoms collide in hope of the one,

Who fits their orbital to such an extent,

Their hope to free themselves of the electron,

Is over.


Biological molecules,

Haemoglobin and collagen,

Have certain structures I must try to remember,

And yet it excites me not.


American politics is complicated and dry,

With president after president,

With contrasting policy,

Someone take my pen,

Whilst I sleep on the table.


British foreign policy,

Is as dull as the air I breathe,

In the quiet and musty room,

In which my love of history,

Is killed hour by monotonous




written by poets I once liked,

but after hour after hour of tedious analysis,

have become my Foe,

Friend becomes enemy in the cruel world,

of literary analysis.


And I refuse to even begin,

Discussing the utter mystery that is

Quantum physics,

for even if I wanted too,

I don’t think I could.



Education is slowly becoming my identity,

And yet,

I know nothing.

The End

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