Exam stress and chewing gum nightmares.Mature

I thought this'd be fun; if for no-one but myself. One of my favorite writers on here does something vaguely similar to this, and it inspired me to do something similar. I can't tell you what this will be in truth; probably more stream-of-consciousness jargon.

Whilst curled up in a cocoon of five blankets, singing along with Tim Curry in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, whilst wishing I had a body like Dr Frank (because, c’mon, he’s super sassy), I had an epiphany of sorts.

Well, as far as a teenage girl with severely limited life experience can.

I haven't written anything creative in days. The last thing I wrote was 'Farnsley'. This is rather distressing for me, because normally, I am scribbling phrases/words/sentances/paragraphs/whateverthehell on scraps of paper constantly. 

Writing is something that I've always found really cathartic. You, dear Protag, only see the tip of the iceberg of what I write. I have notebook upon notebook of.. well, I'm not sure what you'd call them in all honesty.

I suppose you could call them poems? or rants? or drabbles? rambles? perhaps some are even songs.

You don't see these pieces, because I don't think you need too. I don’t think you’d want too. And, hell, I don’t think I want you too.

I’ve always found spoken expression very hard, communicating genuine human emotion is something which both leaves me breathless in awe, and scares the living bejeebus out of me. So I just don’t do it.

Which, as we come full circle, is why I write.

And yet recently-

All desire and willingness to write anything but ‘reasons for FDR’s new deal in 1933’ or ‘explain how one would calculate the youngs modulus of a piece of industrial copper’ in my regimented school textbooks

This is where the epiphany, whilst watching Dr Frank N Furter strut around in those sky high heels after his gold speedo-glad hunk of a mantoy came from,

Exams- and thus education- has squashed any creativity I had left inside me.

Will this creativity return once the stress is over?

Most probably, yes.


The point in this ‘blog’ post?

To inform you that I had a nightmare about being trapped in a web of chewing gum last night, and that I am in the middle of life affirming exams, so shant be posting anything of my own for a while.


But I will continue to read other peoples work,

Even if I don’t comment,


I’ve probably read it.


I’m a lurker.

The End

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