The Stranger

I watched as a stranger stood, by the side of the road,

Essentially meaningless, yet never the less, present and bold.

'It's a pleasure to watch without being watched,'

I thought to myself as i saw the stranger who was being seen without ever really being seen.

Eventually we may all find the time to sit down next to each other,

We shall realise who we are and decide what we've been.

And whilst some are lucky enough to find escape exits at the bottom of question marks,

The stranger will be glad to be seen without ever really being seen

Stoney eyed and alone, the stranger is encased in the fabrics of his bed,

Frantically deciphering the riddle of who he will be.

With a thousand questions and a head heavily over-populated by absence,

Comes the gift of being seen without ever really being seen

"For a second I thought that I could hear another voice; another method to enforcethe fact that i need to."

The End

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