The States of Love

When I was little, and I read fairy tales of princesses choosing princes over castles and money and treasure, I thought they were mad. You can't love someone that much. If I was them, I would of picked the caste and the money and the treasure. But when you grow older, you see why the princess did it. Love is thrown around a lot. You can lie about it. You can say, I love you, and not mean it. You can say, I love you, and mean it. It all depends.

When someone loves you back, it's the best feeling in the world. Nothing could happen to you, you feel completely safe and whole and complete.. Like nothing else matters. But you don't realise how happy you are. It all changes. You become moody and argumentative. All because, you don't know how lucky you are. You don't realise what you've got, and you don't realise how easy it is to lose it. 

So when you do, it's a big shock. When they stop loving you, your heart drops and breaks into millions of pieces that you can't repair, no matter how many tubes of super glue you own. The only thing powerful enough to rebuild your broken heart, is that person to love you again. But it's not that simple.

If there is one thing worse than the person you love, not loving you.. It's the person you love, loving someone else. You become paranoid and jealous and depressed. Your whole world is in bits and you wish the other person would get out of the scene. You just want them back, so much, but they don't come back. Every little thing they say to their new partner, you take badly. You can cry, and try and see if the pain goes away. But how many tears you've wasted, it never does. It's like it's destined to be there forever.. You can't escape from it. 

And then they want you to stay friends. Friends? How can you be there friend? Your heart belongs to them and they don't see it. Every minute of the day you just want to scream, "I love you!" at them, but you can't. And when you do get onto the subject, it's disregarded and they can't tell exactly how you're feeling, all because they love someone else.

Love ruins friendship. It's a fact, really. Most people CAN'T be friends, if they've ever had feelings for one another. Every single day, you wish you weren't so entwined in love with the person. It's wrecked the whole thing. There's nothing left to do anymore. It's dead, and dry, and you'll never get the person back.

So that's why I've decided to give up. Let them love each other. Maybe I won't be happy, but I'd rather be on my own missing you, than being friends, watching you with the other person, loving each other.

My world has come down. The person I would of gave my life to has disappeared. And most of all, my other half. And now, throughout everything, I truly feel as lonely as I've ever been.

The end.

The End

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