The state of Washington and the great struggle.

Think whatever you want to think because I'm through trying to make a solid path. It will present its self to me.

She's moving and all I can think about is how I will never likely see her again,

Her beauty is a curse to me and it so strong that I there is no need for a full moon to change mind at the switch!

All I can do is think and dwell on the day we had our evening and how perfect it was.

I non-stop dwell and sink, and sink further in my gray gloom!

If I had took the step two years prior to the day we had each others company maybe then I'd win.

Maybe have a plan that doesn't lead me closure to my six-feet under.

Granted I'd be different and I'd accept it.

But, I'm a sociopath and strive on neglect, failure, pain, loss, being damned.

And honestly I'm getting sick of looking back on all the chances I had.

Someone please just take me in the back and put me down.

The End

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