The Sounds of Solace

At times, I find solace in the sounds of silence. When overwhelmed by the weight of life I seek respite in total and complete isolation. My thoughts become my only companion, unhindered by the carelessness of the rest of the world. I am free to truly be myself, away from the expectations of anyone else. I am unshackled, liberated from the confines of societies’ vice grip. My fears are remediated, by absolutely nothing. That is to say, in this state I have no fears – they do not exist – in fact, the only confirmation of anything’s existence is the vast emptiness. Silence, in these brief moments provides a sort of uninterrupted freedom. I am away, free from the expectations of others. Their ideas, beliefs, and judgments cannot touch me. The only thing that definitively exists is everlasting silence – broken only by my thoughts.

         Though, I am never truly free in absolute silence; the tick of the clock as it nears a new hour, as well as the wisps of cold air coursing through my environment, serve as gentle reminders. These insignificant objects are my only links to the outside world. They prove that even in my most precious moments of silence I am never truly alone. I am never truly free, as any man is never truly free.

The End

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