She sat at the table with her family, present and engaged. But as the restaurant began to get busy, it became harder for her to concentrate. Parts of sentences began to vanish and become swallowed up in the background noise. Suddenly, there seemed to be no meaning anymore. She sat back in her chair, exhausted from all the concentration. She wanted to ask what was being said, but she also didn’t want to be a burden. She was tired of asking for others to repeat over and over again.

This scenario happens almost every day. Because of background noise, she misses the majority of conversations. She finds it hard to relate to others at times, because she cannot gain access to information due to a sound barrier. More than anything, Maggie wants to be a normal person. She doesn’t want to wear Hearing Aids all the time; she wants to be able to hear. She doesn’t want to have to worry about where she sits in a room or if the speaker has an accent or not. She wants to be able to communicate with anybody, no matter if they have a soft voice or mumble a lot. 

The End

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