The Sitting Chair!Mature

Questions I have asked myself, moments when I've forgotten things, when i have had doubts. I wrote this in math class, because I hate it. ;) So this IS collaborative and anyone can write in it, something boring, something exciting, something made up. I don't care, HAVE FUN!

  As I sat there in that chair wondering how long I've been here. I think to myself, why am I here? Why am I in a strange room? Have I seriously been so lost in my thoughts that I forgot who I was or where I am? I think so...... or maybe I was just staring into space too long. To remember what it's like to feel wind touching my scalp, or sun on my cheeks, making me feel warm.  Or that chilling wind that tells you to bundle up tight.

  How come I don't remember what the sun looks like no more, not even the color of the sky, the clouds' shape. As this chair starts to make me uncomfortable I realize that maybe, just maybe I remember something about myself. I remember my name, my favorite foods, chilli spaghetti, and tacos, my favorite colors, blue, white and black. My mom and my grandmother, so different and yet so similar. My mom, her mean, but caring attitude, oh, I how she's more like a older sister than a mother. My grandma, I remember that name, all the nick names I gave to her.

  I remember her smell, the smell of tacos and hot-sauce, covering her with loving stitches a blanket might have. That smell is so comforting and feels like home, makes me think of family. I concentrate just a little longer and something else comes back to memory. I start to remember  my brothers, my little brats of brothers; then my sisters! Adi, 12, Teya, 13, Samie, 17, Dalton, 10, Jordan, 7, and Donte, 18. I can't remember anything else, no not even my last name, not their faces or how they talked. WAIT! I'm starting to remember something, starting to, to, to, wake up. I wake up sitting on my comfortable bed, staring at my bedroom door. Feelings erupt into my chest, happiness, comfort, relief, and love for my memories and family. It's good to be home and now that I look back, Irealize that what I just experienced was 10 mins, merely a dream, nothing more than a thought.

                             This is the end of my story or rather the beginning?

                      Should I make it into a story or leave it be??

The End

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