The Sighting

I am planning on doing an open stage reading of this for my class, let me know what you guys think!


(Hushed Tone)

Everyone, please close your eyes.

Everyone sees different things when a story is presented, and today, I will introduce to you a chance for you to establish your thoughts, to all try and imagine this story together.

Imagine the wind in the air, imagine it blowing softly in your hair—it is cool and warm at the same time, it pulls and pushes, this wind takes your breath away. The long grasses, lime green, whistle softly at your feet as they tickle your legs. Crickets and grasshoppers live their life around you, the musical symphony of crickets entice you to sit and listen.

But what is this?

(Slightly more powerful)

Look above! What is that? A bird of feathers white as silk, of wings strong as propellers! Do you see them? The muscles on its wings? They move back and forth, and back and forth, and back and—you are on your feet, running with a curious mind and needy eyes as you follow the bird. It flies overhead, reaching its home and follow quickly, like a deer over the high hills with lighten grass that the sun hits with wonder, seeing how high they can grow.

The sun itself is beating down on you, your beads of sweat responding back to His heat and you keep your eyes on the bird, soaring, floating, almost breaking through the sky. Expensive beauty in your eyes, feathers like diamonds falling from the skies onto the plains of your existence. (stronger voice) You are closer, you are running closer, closer, closer—

(softly) Until you fall.

You pant for breath. Your hair sticks to your forehead and you brush it away. Your eyes look up into the indigo sky and see nothing. The majestic bird is gone. The glistening jewel has vanished.

You stand on your wavy legs and feel once more the wind circulating its power around you as the lime green grass tickles your legs once more. You walk, in the hopes of finding another treasure, another glorious king or queen of the land you stand on.

Splash! (Strong voice)

You look down and see your feet and a twin in a puddle of water. You are curious, their curiosity stares back. You run your needy fingers over the surface of this crystal liquid and the twin wavers between nothingness and an image.

(Soft voice) What do you see?

(Powerful voice) Do you see the greens that are reflecting in the water beside the image of you so curious and so blind? Do you see the blue of the sky as it gives a freedom of space unlike any other to the wonders such as the diamond bird you have followed? Do you see yourself and nothing more staring curiously back at your blinded eyes that see nothing in this world, and thus is the reason why you were so enamored by this jewel that brightened your indigo sky?

(Softly) Everyone has a different story to tell, a different world to explore, a different image to see.

So, with the end of the story past, let me ask you of this: what do you see?

The End

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