The Seven Spirits

Megan's vision went white once more. She could almost feel as if her soul was being lifted out of her body. Five figures were standing above her in a circle, each unique in it's shape and size. 

"At last," a grumpy man voice huffed, "She's awakened." Strength.

"Don't be so mean, she is still in the early stages," a soft female voice rang like bells to her right. Harmony.

"True," a male voice that slightly sounded like gravel. Wisdom.

"I believe she is almost with us," an older woman's voice, like warm blankets. Faith.

"Wake up!" A bright, happy, and childlike voice called while small hands shook her shoulders. Freedom.

Megan could see clearly now. A little girl's face was above her with the biggest smile she had ever seen. Her eyes were a light green that seemed to sparkle, but her hair was pure white, and so were the robes she wore. She beamed when Megan made eye contact with her. 

"Megan!" She squealed, then proceeded to hug her tightly. What is going on? 

"Freedom, you're going to choke the life out of her," mumbled the gravel like voice. He was very tall, and very slender. His straight raven hair tumbled down his shoulders and the contrast of black on white hurt Megan's eyes. 

"Hello, Megan," the gently elderly woman's voice sounded behind her as she slowly sat up. Megan turned to see a very young and shapely woman with wavy golden hair. Confused, she stood cautiously. The little girl named Freedom clung to her legs and giggled. 

"Megan," she turned to the soft voice, "I am Harmony." Harmony was also a young woman, but with a lithe figure and brown hair that barely touched her shoulders. Harmony then introduced all the others. 

The huge and burly man called Strength was terrifying. He was over seven feet tall and had tusks. Wisdom was the slender man with black hair. Faith was the golden haired woman. Megan already knew Freedom from her loud welcome... to where ever Megan was.

"Uhm," Megan began, unable to take her eyes off of Strength, "Where am I?" Harmony linked her arm with Megan's. 

"We are in your mind."

"Oh," Megan stared at the floor. Everywhere she looked was white. As if she was in a never ending space of white. There didn't seem to be a ceiling or walls. Or even a floor, but she was still standing on something solid. 

"I understand that you're confused by all this," Wisdom sighed and folded his arms, "But you were the most capable vessel, besides that one boy Connor," Wisdom then shook his head, "But he was already taken." He walked up to Megan and placed his hands on her temples. Her head exploded with knowledge. The pain was so great, Megan screamed and collapsed to her knees. Strength roughly grabbed her forearm and hoisted her up onto her feet and placed his gigantic hand on her forehead, but instead it covered her whole face. Warmth and power seemed to trickle from her head down to her toes, relieving the pain. 

Megan steadied herself, "Thanks," she said to the tusked giant. He nodded briefly and turned her towards Faith. She gently placed her thumbs over Megan's eyes and her fingers lightly cradled the sides of her neck. It felt as if pure light leaked through her eyes and ears. After Faith was finished, Freedom hopped all over the place, repeating, "Is it my turn yet?" Megan bent down to Freedom's level. The tiny girl took both of Megan's hands in hers and kissed her forehead. Nothing extraordinary seemed to happen, but she still smiled. She straightened and faced Harmony. 

"Megan, do you know what harmony means?" A small smile crept across Harmony's face. 

Megan thought for a moment, and finally asked, "Musical terms, or literal definition?" Harmony's laugh sounded like bells chiming. 

"What does your heart say?" Harmony placed her hand on Megan's chest where her heart was. Megan felt her eyes roll back in her head as cool water flowed throughout her body. 

The End

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