The Seven Spirits

Brinn pulled a book from the shelf. 

"I'm serious, I think something weird happened," Megan insisted, trailing her finger along the line of books. Brinn nodded slowly, reading the back of the book she had picked. Sighing, she placed it back on the shelf in the wrong place. Megan continued her one-sided conversation as she placed the book in the correct place, "Connor is very attractive, but... I don't know. Life isn't like it is in the animes."

Brinn turned to Megan, "You need more data than just one weird date with this guy." Megan nodded, her eyes falling to the floor, "Anyway, has he asked you on another one?"

Megan blushed and hooked a hair lock behind her ear. Brinn's face lit up, "He didn't he!?"


Megan pulled on her pajama shirt. She looked in the mirror. How can a guy find any of this attractive? She shook her head and hopped into bed. Snuggling in a cocoon like position, she began to dream. 

Seven figures stood above her. All speaking in hushed tones. She was lying on the ground, spread out, as if being examined. 

I think she could be the one.

If she is, she isn't strong enough to be a proper vessel.

You two don't know anything about her. We should wait.

I agree with Harmony.

The conversation continued. All Megan could see was fuzzed out shapes of people using hand gestures. Each figure unique in it's shape and size. Even the way each spoke was special to that one. It was all foreign, yet familiar. . .

Megan sat up in a cold sweat. Shivering, she turned on her lamp. Searching her room for intruders, she couldn't get the peculiar dream out of her head. 

The End

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