The Seven Spirits

Megan hopped out of Connor's car, wrapping her jacket tight around her. The wind tugged at them as they, and another date, jogged up to the door. 

"I can't believe you," she said, moving up and down from the cold as he knocked. The other couple was really lovey-dovey, and it was getting uncomfortable fast. A plump old lady in layers and layers of shawls and dark sweaters with a very strong aroma of baby powder and lavender answered. Megan's eyes began to water as the woman guided them into the house.

The inside of it was almost like walking into an antique store. Half-rotten books sitting on moldy shelves, with candles strewn about. 

"I am Madam Agatha," she said sweeping her arm and bowing, revealing four chairs, and a desk with a weegie board with a crystal ball resting to it's side. Connor gently took Megan's jacket and put it up on a designated hook. Madam Agatha began the usual explanation about the spiritual activity and how the spirits speak through her and may, if the spirits see fit, may possess one of them. The whole time, Megan was scoffing in her head, but not showing any disinterest for the sake of Agatha, who seemed to be whole heartedly a believer in this supernatural stuff. 

Madam Agatha had them all take hands to begin the seance. Megan tentatively took Connor's hand, giving him a look of: You did this on purpose didn't you? Connor just smiled broadly and turned his attention back to the psychic.

Megan began to feel a sudden pressure on her mind, like someone was trying to get in. Soon, the pressure was all over her, but it wasn't a painful hold, it was more of a tight hug from a grandparent that hadn't seen you in a while. She tried her best to resist, but in the end Megan gave in.

Her vision went white. She felt completely disembodied. Megan knew she was holding hands with Connor and another woman, but she couldn't feel it. 


Connor opened the shotgun side of his car for Megan, and helped her in. 

"Did you feel any... uh weird sensations?" Megan asked after he had revved up the engine. He looked at her quizzically.

"No?" Megan blushed deeply.

"Well when we first started, it was like something wanted to possess me, or something. It was weird."

Connor shrugged and asked, "Where do you live again?"

The End

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