The Seven Spirits

"Hey," said a boy standing next to Megan's desk. 

Megan put down Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and looked up at him. 

"Yes?" she huffed. He smiled with pristine white teeth. 

"I'm Connor. Remember me from a few days ago?"

Megan could feel her face heating up from the memory. She started to stutter and sputter and explanation, "I-I'm sorry," was all that came out. Connor laughed that same laugh she had heard before. He was tall and quite handsome, with dark hair that was slightly curly. Megan's cheeks burned even more. 

"Is there something you wanted to tell me?" her glaze fell to the floor. 

"I wanted to ask you out on a date." Megan's back straightened. 

"But I don't know you," Connor smiled again, folding his arms. 

"Too bad." Megan slouched once more and agreed. I'll probably regret it. 

"Where will we be going?" She asked, as she leaned forward in her seat. 

Connor sat on the opposite desk, "I was thinking going to a fortune teller or something along those lines." Megan gave him a skeptical look. 

The End

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