The Seven Spirits

"Look, I've said it once and I'll say it again," Megan tapped her fingers on the card table, "Those dice are loaded!"

Brinn scoffed, her short brown hair a mess, "How can you make a 20 sided die loaded?"

Megan tossed her hands up, "I don't know!"

They were playing a modified version of Dungeons and Dragons in Brinn's basement. Megan's long hair was tied up into a loose bun, wearing a tank top and striped PJ bottoms. Brinn was a girl the same age as Megan, but with more... development. Megan recalled the day that they first met, she had just moved in during junior high. At first they hated each other, but within a few weeks of school, they were a thick as thieves. 

Brinn sighed, scratching her head, glancing at the clock, "I think we should call it a night, seeing as how it's 2:30." Megan leaned back and giggled.

"It's still early," she yawned, "But you're right, it's a Sunday, ah, morning." 


The next day at school was like any other school day. Hitting her head on the locker and reading in all five classes. High school is over rated, she thought closing a book as the bell rang for lunch. 

Lunch went by faster than usual, Brinn was talking about how urinal's are really gross to clean, and how it shouldn't be that hard to "aim straight". She cleaned as a job, mostly bathrooms. Megan just sat and listened to the heated argument that occurred after the fact between Brinn and other boy's at the table.

"Stupid boys, may as well be lesbian," Brinn grumbled, throwing away her tray. Megan smiled as she did the same. "That's too bad, seeing as how we like boys, I guess we are considered gay," Megan replied, just coax Brinn on. She scowled at her. 

"That's creative, totally unnecessary," Brinn picked up her bag, "Let's go to the libary."

The End

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