The Seven Spirits

This is a story of a dream I once had, so I hope you enjoy!

Megan hit her head on her locker.


Grimacing in pain, she slammed it shut, turning off to go to the drama room. After all, there were no lockers there. Megan tossed her light hair over her shoulder, Long hair is a pain. She sighed, “But I just can’t seem to let it go,”

“Excuse me?” said a male voice behind her. Megan stood frigide. She turned around to come face to face with the guy, but ended up bumping into his chest, and fell to the ground. She put her face in her hands, attempting to hide her embarrassment. A kind laugh rang from above Megan as a hand reached out to her. Tentatively grasping it, she was abruptly hoisted up.

She stepped back, looking at the ground, and mumbled a thank you as she began to turn away, trying to straighten her uniform. The black-jacket-white-shirt-red-skirt combo was inconvenient, but it looked nice with her black thigh socks.

God, I hope that wasn't anyone who knows me! Megan came to the empty hallway known as the drama hall, and skipped the rest of the way, as if the previous incident hadn't happened.

The End

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