The Seraphin: Act V: The Navigator

Listen closly to the song sung by the Seraphim, soon you will not be able to hear its sorrow for very much longer. He comes to you this night...

He is the lonliest of people roaming this wretched and cursed earth, at the edge of time he was born, not the angel from your dreams, he's not holy just like you. From heaven sent he is not.

Crimson thunder follows him wherever he may walk, blackest lightning crashes at his speaking, and death comes to those who look upon him.

Death walks upon swift wings tonight, nothing may touch you tonight, for you are bought and paid for with holy blood. Not even "he" can touch your soul. Only by tainted your own will can he touch you.

"He" has many names, but right now he is the Rider on the Storm, taking soul's of the damned wherever he goes. For this is his task, this is his charge, his only porpose in life.

Nothing is ever as quite as it seems though, listen to the Death Seraph's song and you will hear a tale of sorrow, misery, betrayal and hatred. This song is sung only once a millenium when the soul's of the Damned are gathered to a single area, waiting for the lonely Navigator to come and collect them, giving them warmth within his darkness.

-End of Act V, "The Navigator" from, "The Seraphim" 

The End

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