The Seraphin: Act IV: Light and Darkness

Listen to the song sung by the Seraphim, for it shall be the only voice you hear before closing your eyes and accepting your joyess death.

What are you? An angel of Light or a demon of Darkness? What does your soul cry out for? Power? Lust? Deliverence? Indeed... Listen...

Listen to the sound of your soul, hear its cries, and recieve the blessing of the elements. Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Ice, Light and Darkness. Take with you the vast power that many have saught for centuries, and will never stop seeking, even in their death.

Speak with the angel to learn of that which must be saved. Speak with the demon to learn of that which must be sacrificed. Take upon the task of Judgement, and render judgement upon thy own soul.

Close your eyes, seek thy inner tears, take on thy mind's voice, speading thy wings of Light & Darkness. Fly through the heaven's, then to the fires of hell, and finally returning to your mind's peaceful bliss.

Find the ring of holiness, the rose of sinfulness, and the braclet of death's kiss. Take them to an angel, a devil, and then to death itself. Give each piece of rare jewelry accordly to the rightful bearer of the piece. Do this and you shall be granded the truth of your existence in this life.

Listen to your own sad song of misery, learn the ways of misery's truth.
Follow your desire and search for the one true item of God, thy holy grail.
With this item you  may speak with God and learn the ways of Truth.
Follow your inner most thoughts to the planes of hell to speak with the Devil to gain his Key of Shadow. Take the key to the very edges of the earth and unlock the vast secrets of life itself.

But remember one thing my child. You are Light. And you are Dark. You must give your life to serve the eternal bonds, for not even death can release you from this one and true fate.

-End of Act IV, "Light & Darkness" from, "The Seraphim" 

The End

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