The Seraphin: Act III: Tears of Anima

Listen to the song sung by the Seraphim, for you will lose all of which you had in this life of Darkness. Do this with Light in your hearts.

Speak with the Devil to learn the ways of Darkness, speak with God to learn the ways of Light. Speak with the posessor of Anima, to learn the ways of Fear.

To learn the ways of Fear, speak with the posessor of the spirit, Anima. To gain audience with the posessor, complete the Trials of Anima.

With the first trial, seek your own death.
With the second trial, seek your rebirth.
With the final trial, seek your ascension of faith.

Follow the path of the wicked, and ye shall parish within the unholy fires.
Follow the path of the righteous, and ye shall sit with God, thy King.

Enter the room of angel's to recieve the Glass Key. 
Enter the room of devil's to enter the Glass Door.

Through the door, you will see a world of mankinds own making. Blood covered past, present and future. A world in which we will destroy not only ourseleves, but all life known to us as well. Stop and heed the warnings of Life's Contract.

Sing a melancholy requiem, tell the tales of soul to your children. Make them understand the ways of the world beyond this one in which we live.
Make them understand so that they do not pay for the crimes of the parent. Make sure that they remain safe from Anima's Kiss.

Call forth the angel from your eternal Light, master the power it bestows upon your soul. Do this and recieve God's blessing.

Call forth the devil from your eternal Darkness, master the power it takes from your heart. Do this and recieve the Devil's rose.

Call upon the posessor of Anima, give unto him the blessing of God, and the Devil's rose to recieve the Tears of Anima.

With the Tears of Anima, take upon the journey of a lifetime, change your song, your life, and your soul contract. Do this and you shall be whole once more, and no longer the empty shell of void and shadow.

-End of Act III, "Tears of Anima" from, "The Seraphim" 

The End

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