The Seraphin: Act II: Dream Child

Listen to the song sung by the Seraphim, for its voice shall lead your soul to eternal bliss. Listen to the voice's within your soul's desire, for they will lead you to thy dreamland of Shadow.

Awaken thy sleeping will, sleep alone with Winter's caressing kiss upon thy lips of Light. Dance within Summer's breeze, caressing thy dark smile.

Do not try and understand the song of Light & Shadow, for it is not ment to be heard by mortals ears, it is the silent song of the angel's and devil's.

The sun sets upon thy soul, the cool breath from the ocean glowing deep in your heart, and the moon's gaze empowers your bleeding desire for power.

There is a story to every man's heart, a song to every woman's soul. It is up to you if you listen for this song of life to be played within you. They say those who have heard the song live within the mirror of Heart. They say that the mirror steals thy heart and eats away at thy soul. Maddness.

Accept the pureness of the virgin, cast aside the emptiness of wine, and take upon the lips of the angel. Do with me in your heart, and you shall be tied unto me, forever bound to my law.

Fly through the spaces of Fire, fill yourself with the esence of Ice. Learn the ways of The Dreamer, a child spoken only in myth. No proof of its existence, no true desire for its song.

Listen to the song sung by the Seraphim, this you must do in order to find the proof you will need to unlock the secrets of the Dream Child of Light & Shadow combined into one single being born of thy own Song.

-End of Act II, "Dream Child" from, "The Seraphim" 

The End

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