The Seraphin: Act I: Thy Song

Listen closly to the song sung by the Seraphim, for its voice is most heavenly upon ye ears. Careful not to disturb the angels voice, as it can be deadly upon thy mortal ears. 

Mind the voice ringing through thine ears, for this is the voice of God, shattering it can be. Song of saddness today is heard from thine own beating heart, a shadow heart is to be the angel's will, thine own heart's sad song to be played.

Thy host shall be the Devil, thy choir shall be thy demon's, and thy blood shall boil with pleasure of thine own song.

Six cords to be played, Nine voice's to sing them, and Thirteen song's to be sung by your lying eyes of truth.

A great and powerful masterpiece to be put together by mortal hands. A powerful voice to be heard. A masterpiece to be sung of hero's and heroin's of time's dreamland.

Listen to the rain, as it tells you its tale of misery.
Listen to the wind, as it tells you of misery's company.

Look to the horizon, for it tells of your soul.
Look to the ocean, for it sings of thy memories.

Listen closly to the Seraphim's Song, 
for it brings to you both, blessing & sorrow.

-End of Act I, "Thy Song" from, "The Seraphim" 

The End

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