Someone found it all ineluctable, the surf slurrying over a dogsbody corpse. Others tasted its undertow and found themselves in a pickle. Nations tossed incendiary objects from large, strangely shaped bowls decorated with canvas onto another large, strangely shaped bowls decorated with canvas. Life was plundered from its depths and given back Death of polyethylene. Giver of life and eater of life. Entropy, agent of Erosion. Generator of mythologies, of morals captured in fantastic parables. Winedark. Violet. Sunset Amber. Bottleglass Green. A Sapphire Surf. Millioncandled (thank you Joyce). Relentless. Heartless. Blind. Unmerciful. Damning. Murdering. Rendering you and me insignificant in face of the waters of the world, salt sweet, filled with a plethora of motile meat and intricate systems wheeling within systems, breathing in a vast symphony of currents, the heart of matters spread wide across the globe, finger rivulets etching into the landmasses spurting rivers and rains and the migration, my God, the constant movement of things, the easy interchange of locations swirling into foam crashing on beaches of colours as varied as the races of Man, its tides abject to the gravitational whimsy of Luna and the Earthly humours of pressure and temperature, the colours of which space burgeoning crafts photograph gruebleen, jewel like, a marble suspended in a void filled with other like yet unlike particulate matter, in which one is reminded of its preciousness, for without the medium of that simple combination of hydrogen and oxygen organic matter would not have wakened to itself the way we have.

The End

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