The Sea

The sea.

Isn't it magnificent?

So vast you could lose yourself in it, so deep you could drown in it, so powerful you could get swept away by it.


It's pure emotion.

On pleasant days when breezes were slight, it was calm: serene: tranquil.

On rough days when winds whipped its waves about and storm clouds amassed over its murky waters, it was angry. It thrashed around, lashing out on the pebble-strewn beach.


Its current is as strong as its will, its determination. This is a force to be reckoned with.


To ride the waves is probably to have lived.


That sense of freedom and isolation one has when alone in must truly be enviable. It can't be found anywhere else but in the sky.


The sea's icy arms form an embrace. Let it hug you tightly. Let us be immersed for immersion is the key to calm.


If you succumb to the hypnotic rhythm, you must beware: it attempts to lure you to its heart. Lapping waves are best heard from the shore.


It sparkles in the sunlight, looks radiant at sunset. And at night, it casts the glow of billions of stars back up at the night sky so that twinkling lights surround that enviable stranger on the water.


Water is one of the elements. The four elements revered by our ancestors. It deserves that status.

We shouldn't be so quick to class it as ‘compound' or ‘mixture'. It is a force, it is alive, it is sensation.


And how do you regard the sea, keen listener? There seems to be a sparkle in your eye. Will you dare to help me describe the indescribable? Attempt to see the profound in something you might have thought you understood. Science has many answers for us, but writing has even more.

The End

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