The Runaway sun

Sad little tale basically explains why the sun and moon move across the sky. I'm writing this in class but it doesn't hurt my hand as much here.

Long, long ago, just after the world had began, when it was just a large room with no walls, just a floor and a high, high, ceiling, there lived two very good friends. These two people were called Sun, and Moon. Moon was very beautiful. She had long, flowing, silky silver hair and big, grey eyes. She was kind to all the animals and people she met, and as a result, everyone loved her. Sun was quite handsome too. He had beautiful, amber eyes and wavy, golden hair which spread out a bit like a lion's mane when the wind blew through it. Sun was in love with Moon; he had been from the first moment he met her, he was just too nervous to tell her. Unfortunately, someone else was in love with Moon.

 Sky had fluffy white hair and bright blue eyes. He loved Moon, and had been chasing her around for quite a while, asking her to marry him. Moon had rejected him numerous amounts of times, although he was fairly handsome, he was arrogant and self-centred. One day, Sky found Moon walking alone in the forest with her hair leaving dazzling streams of light everywhere, and jumped out from behind a tree. "Moon, you know you can't resist me, marry me now and we will have to pine for each other no longer." Moon felt disgusted at what Sky had just said. "If I had the heart, I would slap you so hard, people who lived up there would hear it!" and she pointed to the ceiling far, far above them.

"Kiss me." Said Sky, and he leaned forward to kiss her. Moon was shocked by Sky's behaviour and tried to move away from him. "Get off me! Sky! I mean it!" Now, as all this had been happening, Sun had been trying to talk himself into telling Moon his passion for her and to ask her if she'd marry him. At the very moment Moon and Sky were having their little struggle, Sun had moved onto the scene and saw exactly what he did not want to see. "Moon? Sky?!" Sun spluttered, "I thought you said you hated him Moon? Have you been lying to me all these years?! How can I ever trust you again?!"

And with that Sun took off, Moon finally struggling free from Sky's grip, "Sun! Wait! It's not what it looks like!" Moon ran after Sun but lost him in the forest, she never saw him again. The next day, Moon said she was tired of the boring grey ceiling, and had all her friends build her the tallest ladder in the world (which, after thousands of years, will become Mount Everest), and started mixing some paint to paint some tiles she planned to cover the ceiling with. When she was mixing, she remembered all the good times she'd had with Sun, and two tears fell down her beautiful face into the paint.

  Onto the tiles she painted the scene of when Sun had run away and grief filled her. When she started painting Sky, anger boiled inside her and she didn't bother painting him accurately, since he didn't deserve it. In the end Sky was mostly just blue with patches of white because she'd used too much paint for his bright, blue eyes. When the tiles were all carefully placed on the ceiling, the people in the picture started to move. For the love in Moon's tears was so strong. After the years, Sky's portrait was even more smudged across the ceiling, and Sun and Moon's were faded, so you could only really see their heads. And to this day, that is why the golden Sun moves across the bright blue Sky, with the silver Moon following later.

The End

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