Mariia-Eight years later.

Mariia sat down on a bench and put her hands over her face, trying to hide the tears.

Her father was gone.

"Mariia?" She looked up to see her mother. Her cheeks were wet too, "I'm sure h-he died quickl-"

"But what if he didn't!?" Mariia interupted. They stared at eachother for a moment. Mariia turned and ran for home. "Mariia!" her mother called after her. Why did he have to go? All we got was that he died in battle! What if he was taken by the Empire? Now Naboo doesn't stand a chance against the Empire forces with it's army gone! She huffed and puffed as she slammed her bedroom door after her.

Six years later.

"Goodbye Mariia!" called Trivea. Mariia hugged her mother tightly.

"Mother, this was my choice,"  a tear fell down her mother's face as she said that, "Goodbye Trivea!" Mariia smiled as Alint ran up to her and clung to her leg. "Do you has ta go?" he sobbed. Mariia bent down and hugged him. "I'll come back, just wait and see."

 She slung her rifle over her shoulder and waved goodbye as she got onto the ship for the space station of the Rebels.


The End

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