The Rebellion

This is a story that is just going to be from the Rebels point of view. It's going to be about 20 years after The Clone Wars, so Princess Leia and Luke are how ever old they are in A New Hope. I've kind of based this on a video game...
Oh well!


Mariia put the gun to her shoulder.

"Like this father?" she asked. Her father fixed her posture and straightened the gun point.

"Like this Mariia," he smiled as he limped forward to move the target. Mariia blew her hair out of her face. She didn't want to move around, for fear that she would break something or mess up and shoot her father again.

"Okay, I know you're only six years old, and you're mother disagrees with me, but we need to prepare you for the future," Mariia stared at her father for a moment. His gray eyes were loveing, but a hint of pain could be seen.

"What's in the future?" She asked as she set her cheek on the gun to look down it and aim. "The Empire hasn't reached Naboo, yet. Do you remember the stories I would tell you, about the Clone Wars?" It was one of Mariia's favorite stories. She wasn't born yet when it happened, but her parents remember well, because two of the battles were on Naboo.

"Yes, I do remember..." She paused, "Why?"

"Because Mariia, it might happen again. Only with no clones, or jedi. Only the Empire with their troops versus the ones that have the gull to change."


The End

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