The "Real" Christmas

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I will apologize to everyone in advance for the proceeding note [although I do not feel the need to]. This is not meant to offend anyone, or to crush anybodys Christmas spirit. I am merely presenting the facts of this holiday, and you can decide for yourself if you agree or not. However, if you do not agree, please do not hold it against me. As I said, I am merely stating the obvious and exercising my right as a Canadian to voice my opinion. And, just for the record, this was written ABOUT THIS TIME LAST YEAR, so it's kind of old.

6am Christmas morning, okay, I lied. It’s 1:38am, Christmas morning. I've nothing but utter contempt for this poor excuse of a holiday. All it accomplishes is proof that humanity can find "happiness" through the power of the dollar. Christmas is a selling platform. All it stands to accomplish is that it causes people to spend money that they don’t have, so that they may out buy each other or out buy themselves from the previous year. I’m not sparing Christianity either. Even they lost sight of their "meaning" of Christmas. It was supposed to celebrate the birth of their "Saviour." but, they are just as bad as the rest of us. everyone has let materialism get the better of them. Christmas is now just a materialistic holiday. Christianities god preaches that man should not hold any of their worldly possessions above anything. He preaches that there should be no material value to anything. It doesn’t matter what anyone has in this life, it wont matter. You will die, and you wont be able to take any of your worldly possessions with you. Even the "God" of Christianity knows there is no worth in materialism.

Christmas has become based upon materialism, Christianity contradicts itself, once again. Again, Christianity has taken a good idea, added their personal touches, incorporated big business and ruined it. Christmas is now a lost cause. If there is one thing that humanity is good for, it’s ruining everything that they come in contact with. December 25th is just another day, nothing special. someone midaswell just take a random day, say their Saviour was born on it, tell people to be materialistic bastards, and be done with it. It would just be the "meaning of Christmas" on another day. And, worse, people would go for it. If merely an excuse to dote upon themselves, and on others.

No matter how you look at it, Christmas is gone. It has completely lost its meaning. Strip everything that makes it special, take away the tree, the materialistic gifts, decorations, and its just one more day in our lives.

And another thing, Christmas was stolen from the pagans. Christians saw that the pagans were celebrating on a specific day (I.E. December, 25th) and decided that they would say their Saviour was born on that day in a feeble attempt to convert the pagans. Guess what, it worked. Now Christians and pagans celebrated the joyous holiday of noel...

The Christmas tree. The pagans used to decorate trees with the heads and entrails of their enemies. Gradually, this became Christmas balls and tinsel. Appetizing, isn’t it.

Everyone loves Christmas, well, almost everyone, until you look deeper into the background of this holiday. We all know about all hallows eve (Halloween), so why isn’t it as widely accepted as Christmas? It started as a pagan holiday too. It was created as a way to worship and remember ones dead relatives.

Draw your own conclusions. Don’t just follow a holiday blindly. The Jehovah's Witnesses have the right idea. They don’t celebrate Christmas. They aren’t allowed to get attached to materialistic values...sound familiar?

Santa Claus, A.K.A. Saint Nicholas. Good old Saint Nick. He looked nothing like the Santa of today. Saint Nick was not a fat, jolly old man. Ne did not dress all in red, wear lots of fur, or ride in a sleigh. He did not have nine reindeer, nor did he walk around shouting, "Ho Ho Ho!" furthermore, he didn’t sit in malls, with small children on his lap. I doubt he ate obscene amounts of cookies either. He didn’t have small "elves" that worked in his workshop. if it was any other time of the year, would anyone let their small children sit on the lap of a complete stranger that had his face hidden?

The original Saint Nicholas is believed to be one Nicholas of Myra. The name Santa Claus was derived from the New York historical society's name Sancte Claus, in 1809. He was known as the patron saint of Nieuw Amsterdam, the dutch name for the modern day New York City.

Another thing, the candy cane. An urban legend tells us that it was to represent Jesus Christ. Simply, when inverted, it created a "j" for Jesus. The white represented Jesus' purity. The red stripes, his crucifixion. Also, the three red stripes represent the father, the son, and the holy spirit.

The original candy cane was merely white and completely straight. a choir master decided to bend the candy into a cane shape. He gave it to the children in the church. It is unknown if the candy's "cane-shape" was a reference to Jesus Christ as the "good shepherd."

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