The Potion Sketch

Poppy, Beth and Cecilia are just lounging around. Angel comes onstage holding a box with bottles of potion in.

Angel: Hey guys. Look what I’ve got…

Reading it:  The Animal Magic Potion Kit

Cecilia: Um… Angel I don’t think you should be messing about with that.

Angel: What? I just bought it from that weird magician guy who sells weird potion on the market every Sunday.

Angel opens the box and all peer inside

Beth: What are they?

Poppy: By the looks of it: bottles of… stuff.


Cecilia: Potions?

They all look in the box again

Beth: So…

Angel: I’ll pick one at random then, yeah…?

Angel closes her eyes and picks one

Angel: Oooh.

Poppy: Well, if you’re not having the dolphin one then I will have it.

Reading the bottle: Blue Dolphin

Beth: Mmm…Blueberries

Poppy: Do you want it Beth?

Beth: What harm could it do?

Cecilia: I wouldn’t say that Beth…

Angel: Yeah, I think it’s a jinx like in Cecilia’s unlucky day!

Cecilia: Hey! We agreed never to talk about that again.

All glance at each other guiltily, and then burst into laughter.

Poppy: What did you get Angel? You never said.

Angel: Oh…I got distracted




The End

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