Poppy's Revenge (2)

Cecilia: Is this about Chris again?

Poppy (glances around suspiciously): Maybe…

Cecilia: I think we should just talk about this. Now, Poppy-

Poppy defiantly presses a button on her funny gizmo, and Cecilia disappears.

Poppy: Mehehehe (evil laugh)

Emma (through gag): Hey! This isn’t fair…what have you done with Cecilia?

Poppy (tauntingly): Hmmm, what was that? Sorry, I didn’t catch it.

Pause. Poppy walks over to a covered object.

Poppy: Now! To put the final phase of my plan into action.

Poppy pulls off the large dustsheet, revealing a mannequin wired up to a large computer-playing Sims-with a large picture of Chris nearby.

Poppy pulls out the funny gizmo with a flourish and points it at the mannequin/Sims/Picture-of-Chris.

Suddenly a white sphere appears above the computer, which overloads and starts to spit sparks.

Poppy: Drat! Oh nooo...

Sinks to her knees. Her funny gizmo is broken-overloaded...and her dreams utterly shattered.

Poppy (turns back to un-mental Poppy): No...

Cut to Bethany-unhypnotised and untying Emma. They both seem...distant.

Bethany: Huh? What happened...?

Emma: I found chocolate!

Bethany rolls her eyes at Emma, then turns to question Poppy, but before she can, Cecilia appears (with a flash of white light?) in the vicinity of the computer.

Cecilia: Hey guys! I found a white hole, directly opposite the black hole I was slowly being spagettiified in.

Bethany: I don’t understand; I don’t remember what happened…

Emma: Haha, you’re so blonde Beth!

Cecilia: Well then I won’t need to use this ‘Forgetful Dust’ now, will I?

Takes out little packet of sparkly (white?) stuff.

Bethany: Where did you get ‘Forgetful Dust’ from?

Cecilia looks shifty.

Cecilia (slowly): From the sparkly elves…

Emma steals the packet from Cecilia’s hand with a classic ‘Yoink’ and it spills over Emma and Bethany, making them suddenly stand rigid and vacant for a minute. Cecilia smiles; her work here is done.

Cecilia: Now, Poppy, we have things to talk about…

Poppy: I’m fine.

She receives a sceptical look from Cecilia.

Poppy: Really!

She marches out. Cecilia shrugs at the camera then follows her, leaving Emma, Bethany and the picture of Chris behind.

Emma (in the background) picks up the photograph of Chris and points and laughs at it.

Bethany (to camera): The moral of the story? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Emma (giggly): Alter-egos are evil!


Curtains descends.

Well done everybody

The End

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