Poppy's Revenge

Poppy is sitting in a chair, centre. She is gazing, lovingly, at a framed photo.

Poppy: They’ll pay for what they did to us both, my gorgeous boy, my sweet… (She lapses into gibberish).

After a second she looks up and pulls, out of the pocket of a long blazer she is wearing, a funny gizmo with buttons on (possibly a TV remote with things stuck on.).

Poppy: First the worst offender, Emma. She’ll pay for tickling me, calling me ‘balloon’, making me bash my nose on the ‘Inspector Calls’ trip and most of all…

Picks up the photo frame from chair.

Poppy: …Her constant taunting of…you…of us.

Throws picture of Chris back down onto the chair.

Poppy (calling): Emmy…Oh sweet Emmy…

Emma comes on singing(mostly to herself): Chris, Chris, Chris.

Emma: Oh hi Pop (Chris). You okay? (Chris)

Poppy (controlling her annoyance): Yes Emma…Now! Be tickled!

Poppy pounces on Emma and tickles her (to death XD).

Emma: No…hehehe… (Etc)

Poppy: You will do as I say, or I will NEVER stop tickling you.

Emma: Nooo… I mean, yes! I’ll do what you say-just stop tickling me!

Poppy ties Emma to the chair legs/back. Emma starts singing ‘Put a Banana in Your Ears’ to herself.

Poppy: Now to get Beth-the insensitive one who talks just a little too much…Especially in front of the wrong people…And shut up! I need silence for this part of the plan!

Gags Emma. :P Poppy turns on Alex B Music and calls for Bethany.

Poppy: Beth…

Bethany arrives. Glances at Emma anxiously.

Bethany: Why is Emma tied to the chair…?

Poppy (Matter of factly): ‘Cause she’s Emma

Emma (from behind the gag): Potato Fish!

Bethany: Right-

Poppy: ANYWAY! Beth there’s something I want you to hear…

Turns up volume on music with her funny gizmo and Bethany suddenly becomes hypnotised on the spot.

Cecilia suddenly walks in.

Cecilia: What on Earth is that racket, Poppy?

Poppy: …Alex B…

Cecilia: And why is it so loud?

She suddenly notices a tied up Emma-looking absent-and a hypnotised Bethany staring at the CD player.

The End

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