B and the Santa costume sketch (ok i no its not christmas but yeah xP)

Beth and the Santa costume sketch


(A Cat walk with lots of camera flashes. Emma and Poppy Enter)

Emma: Hello and welcome to our annual (Aside: though this is our first one...) fashion show!

Poppy: We hope you are having fun! We will now have our final model...

E+P: Beth!

(Curtains open and out comes Beth tied up and in a Santa outfit! Cecilia prods Beth in the back)

Beth: Ho…Ho bleedin’ Ho!

(Everyone rolls around laughing on the floor. Beth gives T-eyes as only she can. She then checks that no one is looking and runs off)

Emma: (realising Beth is gone) Hey, where’s she gone?

(The lights go off rustling of costumes being forced on)


Poppy: Hey!


Cecilia: OW!

*scraping footsteps*

Emma: Sorry!

(Lights turn back on and Emma, Cecilia and Poppy are dressed in Christmas outfits; Emma is ace of hearts, Poppy is Frosty the snowman and Cecilia is Rudolph. Beth is in the middle of the stage)

Beth: Now we are all equal!

Emma: (looks critically at self...no not Beth!)...Why am I the Ace of hearts? This is nothing to do with Christmas.

Poppy: Grr...

(Cecilia goes cross eyed looking at her flashing/red nose)

Cecilia: Oooh…Flashy…

The End

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