A Conversation Between A, B and C

Fade in. A classroom, A, B and C are the only three left. A has been talking to B, but keeps looking over at C, who is working at a desk.

A: Pardon?

B: I have a case of waiting

C suddenly laughs at something, which makes the other girls turn to her, confused. A also laughs, albeit a little uncertainly/automatically; when C’s happy, she’s happy.

B: What?

C: Nothing-just something I am reading…

With a word of goodbye to them both, B departs. A has already moved toward the  desk as C  was talking and now she picks up the sunglasses in front of her, as planned.

A: Nice Sunglasses

C looks up and receives the sunglasses from A, who’s anticipated this.

A (sheepishly): Sorry

Pause, but C does not look too annoyed. In fact, all she does is put away her sunglasses, put on her normal glasses and look properly up at A.

A: By the way, you were really distracting during the test. Whenever D and I looked over at you, you were laughing!

C: When E started talking about keeping an eye on…

A (interrupting quickly): Yeah

C: …And checking the time and everything else…It was a funny point that E said and that made D laugh.

A: Whenever I looked over at her, she couldn’t stop giggling.

C: Yeah, I like D I make her laugh and she makes me laugh.

A (satisfied): Good


C: Anyway, where are you meant to be now?

A: The library… I think.

C: Okay, then. Have fun.

A walks to the door, maybe with a bit of a giggle. She stops at then open doorway.

A: …If I don’t see you tomorrow, have a good weekend.

C: We’ll probably see each tomorrow.

A:  Yeah.

The smallest of pauses.

A: Anyway have a nice evening.

C: Yeah, see you, A. Well done.

A: Thanks.

A skips away as the scene fades.


The End

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