The Random Show's Protagonize

A selection of scripts, ideas, random pieces and in-progress works from The Random Show, a group of five girls who write and perform sketches.


Welcome to…The Random Show *do do do da dooo*.

Straight from the minds of B, E, C and P (additional content and backstage work by A), The Random Show was in decline from late 2007 to the middle of 2009. Nowadays, it has gone through two revamps and is even better with proper scripts, proper storylines, proper locations (sort of) and proper equality!

This is our little Protagonize spot where ideas and random pieces of probably-not-going-to-be-used junk are bounced around more often than sentences in Protagonize Tennis (check out Angel’s Protagonize Tennis exercise, ‘Josh Noble’s Story’).

Expect weirdness and enter if you dare…Did I mention it was really random?

Enjoy! And look out for The Random Show coming to a screen near you! XD

The End

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