Epic. Chess. Part. 2.

"Pawn to H 5!" White said. "Pawn to H 5!" Black's pawn ran over to the white pawn and stabbed him right in the heart, it didn't have a chance. The little body was draggd off the board. White calls out "Pawn to F 5!" The white pawn, with a mighty kick to the head, ended the little black pawn's life. It was also dragged off the arena.

This went on for a while, Black and White battled for many hours.  Soon, there was hardly anything left. Except rubble. And a whole lot of dust.

Soon, White's King was in checkmate. And couldn't escape.

"Well, looks like I've won, "Black said smuggly, "Now, where is my prize?"

WHite smiled and said in a calm, sweet voice, "Here." And she pulled a leaver, that opened an opening in the ground and Black fell in screaming like Bloody Murder.

"Have fun in Wonderland, rival." Everyone started to clap and cheer. Soon a standing ovation. White bowed and bowed. Everyone soon went home and to sleep, no one even thought of Black and where he had gone.

For the Time Being.

The End

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