Some of the Rainbow does. Epic. Chess.

Black sat under the apple tree. Which was oddly the only apple tree in the Rainbow. No one really knows why.

"Black," called White, "I challenge you to a game of Epic Chess! Winner gets a special suprise!" Then she smacked him with a glove. Black grunted and rubbed his face, he had a scowl on it.

"I hate you."

"I know."

A crowd started to form. If you call eight people a crowd. And the Narrator silently watched from above. And it started.

The rules are very simple. You send the pieces out by calling them. And when they have the chance to kill another piece, they have a duel to the death. You see, the peices are life size.

"Let us begin," smirked White.

White called out, "Pawn, C 3!" And it moved forward.
" Pawn to C 5!" called Black, and it moved forward two from it's position.
"Pawn to C 4!" The pawn then moved forward one and blocked off that other pawn.
"That was a stupid move," grunted Black, "Knight to C 6!" The Knight rode on his horse with pride as he moved his to place. 
White quietly stomped her foot and called out, "Crap this is hard..."

"Why did I ever do this?" whispered Black. "Pawn to H 4!" said White.

I should make a sacrifice to see if she knows what to do... thought Black.

"Pawn to G 4!" Black smirked as the pawn moved.
White called out F 4 and the pawn moved. "Pawn move to F5!" said Black.
" A 4! Move it or Lose it bub!" cried out White. "Bishop to H 6!" The Bishop gathered his scrolls and walked silently to his place. "A 5!" White smiled in triumph, but it soon went away as Black called out his next move. "Knight! A 5!" A smug grin crossed his face as White's grin disappeared. The knight trampled the poor pawn.

"Pawn G 4!" White said. "Bishop F 4!" Black called, the Bishop blessed him to death, the pawn's head exploded. His poor small pawn body was dragged off the checkered arena.

The End

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