Rainbow goes Mooniac Part 2

  Pink and Blue drag Black and Grey and set them against a tree.

"Now," they huffed, "We wait for them to wake up."

Purple walked up with an armfull of orange metal, hammers, wood, and a door.

"Why a door?" asked Red. He had just heard that everyone was going to the moon. He wanted to help...And he really really wanted to go.

"Well," Purple paused to think, "We need a door for our shuttle don't we?" Purple smiled and put her load down. Green was lying near, snoring softly.

When everyone got to the building spot in the meadow, Pink squealed, "Let's get started!"

Pink was melding the metals together. Blue was maintaining the fuel. Grey was reluctantly sawing the wood. Black was mumbling under his breath as he provided the wood. Red was helping Purple. Purple was helping Yellow. Yellow was using Green's fingers for tying knots. Orange was rolling around on the floor, groaning.

"Whew!" Yellow said, standing back, and tripped over Green. The Narrator was gazing gladly down at them all. Purple sighed a happy sigh.

It was finished.

Grey was sent to go get a ladder. They all stood, besides Orange and Green.

"The is AWESOME!" cried Red and Yellow. Grey came back with a frown on his face.

"3, 2, ! Lift Off!" everyone ,but Green, Grey and Black. A few hours later, they were out of the "Atmosfear". Green was lying/floating in his seat.

A few days later, they were entering the Moon's gravitational pull. With a huge thump, they landed on the moon's surface.

Orange flopped on the ground and started to take a chomp out of the moon.

"Hmmmm..." he chewed some more, "It tastes...Kinda like a weird bit of cheese..." Purple bent down with her knife and plate with crackers and tried it. She spit it back out.

"We came here for THIS?" said Pink. She expected more.

"Hello?" said a far off voice. Everyone stood silent, and it called again. "Hello?"

Green mumbled quite loud. Almost a yelp. If there were real sound in space, they would have heard foot steps. A figure walked up, they could all tell that it was a girl all dressed in white. Yellow looked light she was about to faint.

"Are you all real?" the person dressed in white asked.

Green actually woke up and said, "If I'm not, then....I'm not," and went back to sleep. Blue took a bold step and said, "Yes, we are real as far as we know," she gestured toward all of the Rainbow.

The figure took a step into the sun light and her face was shown. Her face was fair, her hair was white, very white. Her eyes were more of a very light gray.

"My name is White," she said. Everyone looked very, very shocked.

"I didn't know there was a White!" cried out Orange, though hardly anyone could understand him, becauase his mouth was full of moon-cheese. "Well, we got go get going!" mumbled Grey. Black just stared at White, the beginnings of a rivalry that will never, ever end. Unless they decide to make up.

Hop, skip, jump, and they went back to Earth with White. A new friend. And new adventures!


The End

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