The Rainbow goes to the Moon!

 "Man, I am so hungry right now! I...I could eat the moon!" cried Orange. Purple thought for a moment while Orange complained about him being hungry.

"Oh! I know! Orange, lets grab a bunch of thingers and make a space ship so that we CAN go to the moon!" Pink walked in as soon as she finished talking.

"Moon?" asked Pink,"it's yellow though, Yellow should go instead!" Yellow sat up from her nap.

"Everyone knows the moon's made of cheese. So, it is really orange!" Yellow waved her arms around and pointed to Orange, who was now lying on the ground, groaning. Pink said she would go and grab everybody so that they could all go to the moon together.

Gray and Black were playing a game of Epic Chess. The game is simple, but challenging. The Narrator doesn't want to explain it now. Maybe in another adventure. Pink and Blue ran up to them, breathing hard. Gray could tell they've been running around doing...Something.

"Black, Gray," Blue breathed between everyword,"We need to get back to Space Camp!"

Black and Gray moaned,"Space Camp? Are. You. Serious?" Pink and Blue looked at eachother and nodded. They both each pulled out a cloth, with a weird sent. Pink shoved Gray to the ground and pushed the cloth over his nose and mouth. He soon passed out. Blue did the same to Black.

The End

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